High Court Blocks More Sites On Sky, BT, Everything Everywhere, TalkTalk, O2 and Virgin.

Found 27th Nov 2014
Link here - bbc.co.uk/new…790
Full list -
New: watchseries.lt, Stream TV, Watchseries-online, Cucirca, Movie25, watchseries.to, Iwannawatch, Warez BB, Ice Films, Tehparadox, Heroturko, Scene Source,, Rapid Moviez, Iwatchonline, Los Movies, Isohunt, Torrentz.pro, Torrentbutler, IP Torrents, Sumotorrent, Torrent Day, Torrenting, BitSoup, TorrentBytes, Seventorrents, Torrents.fm, Yourbittorrent, Tor Movies , Demonoid, torrent.cd, Vertor, Rar BG.

Previously blocked: bittorrent.am, btdigg.org, btloft.com, bts.to, limetorrents.com, nowtorrents.com, picktorrent.com, seedpeer.me, torlock.com, torrentbit.net, torrentdb.li, torrentdownload.ws, torrentexpress.net, torrentfunk.com, torrentproject.com, torrentroom.com, torrents.net, torrentus.eu, torrentz.cd, torrentzap.com, vitorrent.org.Megashare, Viooz, Watch32, Zmovie, Solarmovie, Tubeplus, Primewire, Vodly, Watchfreemovies, Project-Free TV, Yify-Torrents, 1337x, Bitsnoop, Extratorrent, Monova, Torrentcrazy, Torrentdownloads, Torrentreactor, Torrentz, Ambp3, Beemp3, Bomb-mp3, Eemp3world, Filecrop, Filestube, Mp3juices, Mp3lemon, Mp3raid, Mp3skull, Newalbumreleases, Rapidlibrary, EZTV, FirstRowSports, Download4all, Movie2K, KickAssTorrents, Fenopy, H33T and The Pirate Bay.

Roll on the proxys......
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RIP Warez-BB. I first met you in 2006 and since then I've been so much happier. You gave me everything I could have ever wanted on my PC and my jailbroken iOS devices. You made my wallet feel so heavy and I don't know how I will go on without you :'(
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Does it really stop anybody though?
I presume it's just the regular internet user who're most probably scared of downloading anyway.
What's a. Good proxy to automatically connect to these. Sites. Without reducing net speed
Torrent day and icefilms


But meh. Proxys sites will pop up.

When will this start because i'm with one of the above, and just checked and its still working with virgin.
As long as they leave my Big & Bouncy Grandma sites alone I don't care.
Oh well
Now I'm gutted - Please Not cucirca!!!! I knew it couldn't last much longer. My android box is feeling the pain and my laptop too, I refuse to ever go back to sky or virgin tv and pay monthly rubbish though. New streams will pop up... I hope....

Can anyone tell me how to bypass an use a vpn, cheers
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Thing I love about these BBC news stories is it just gives most people a list of cool sites to check out via a proxy. Most had never heard of. News organisations following the court actions have basically given the general public the information on how to get around use proxies. My guess is a few years back a lot of people heavily using encryption and proxies where doing really dodgy things that really hurt our communities. My guess is now they are so much harder to detect and stand out from the millions using proxies. Think these court cases are mostly counter active.
lol, good luck with that.
I guess that's one way to advertise piracy.
they will never stop it

change dns settings on router, or on your computers adaptor settings... … change dns settings on router, or on your computers adaptor settings... job done

That's if the sites are blocked that way. Concerning Virgin Media, they aren't.
I use one of these it did not work last night 30 secs later I had new link I do not know what proxy is or anything like that
Decided to remove my comments as it could be construed as condoning piracy or advising people how to circumvent... I don't want the MPAA or other "one party state" types threatening or targeting me for no other reason than being curious about what "measures" the ISPs/government will find to try and stop people accessing certain websites. I don't condone piracy by the way, but neither do I condone the harrassment of individuals (which has happened with a certain lawfirm or 2), or the blocking of websites. China we aren't far behind you now.

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Download and install HotSpotShield, no more blocked sites.

Its harmless and routes your connection through another country's DNS beating the block
v p n
I find it funny because the people who use these sites are generally tech savvy and as such will be completely aware of how to bypass the blocks.
How about, instead of banning these sites (and waiting for others to constantly pop up) How about the distributers of ALL films, ALL agree to provide a quick to release, cheap, flexible, DRM free, advert free, decent streaming/downloading legal service that cuts out the middlemen (netflix,amazon etc). Then watch these sites dissapear because the demand for them dissapears.

Supply & Demand. Currently the Supply SUCKS hence the demand!
Ridiculous. A complete blanket ban, cos that's the way to go right (_;)
How about those independent artists who want to distribute their music for free via torrents for easy mass distribution, or those who want to access movies or files that isn't available in the country.

Piracy doesn't hurt the industry; Adam Sandler gets paid on average $15M per movie. The top 19 grossing movies of all time have grossed over $1 billion, with only 3 of those being released pre-internet piracy era.
One by one they are taking away our rights, punishing the whole community.

only workable solution to piracy is to give the films to us to download directly at a reasonable price.
Also makes more sense to deliver the films directly and cheaper... If you're getting revenue of say 200M from the box office sales, imagine how much you could make by doing this yourselves and cheaper to the entire world rather than people that can afford to go to the movies and spend upwards of around £10 per person including a few snacks. Sell the movies instead as someone else suggested as DRM free and non-copy restricted so that you can also transfer to other devices, you could sell for approx $2 per movie and have an audience of up to 6 billion maybe... sell it even cheaper to third world/poorer countries or even go the "pay if you like it" way, so that those that haven't got internet can get it from friends that could get it for them and pay a fee through paypal or similar for them. And before anyone suggests that in some third world countries/poorer places they would obviously have other things on their minds than watching movies, don't forget the benefit of forgetting your troubles for a short while through entertainment too... you have to feed the mind as well as the body.
Maybe one day
used oopera browser seems to work for the sites in questions

anyways there are lots of proxy site that soon crop up
Warez BB has come back up, I presume they changed their DNS servers, also this is happening as ISP no longer go to court to argue in favour of freedom, so as these companies go to court they just go through..
BB has been up all along for me using non-isp dns servers
Anyone know a site as simple as showbox but provide full HD movies?
I think telling you the above even if I knew it, would violate HUKD rules, so not going there... but there were quite a few sites posted in the OP you could check out, lol
Nothing is blocked here
Never heard of any of them? oO

Nothing is blocked here

Sorta redundant saying that but not your ISP.

I think telling you the above even if I knew it, would violate HUKD … I think telling you the above even if I knew it, would violate HUKD rules, so not going there... but there were quite a few sites posted in the OP you could check out, lol

i wanted to know the easy ones,bit like showbox where its pretty much click and download/play and not having to sign up or download specific software..

**ahem you could pm me the name of afew which are easy to use***ahem ahem

Bookmarked - to independently research the sites in question at leisure,

Bookmarked - to independently research the sites in question at leisure,

Madness. The BBC have now listed a lot of sites for free football, that anyone with some simple google knowledge will be able to access..

Doesnt seem to have come into effect yet on virgin media. I checked Warezbb straight away, I dont use it as much as I used to but, still useful. Still working atm as are a couple of other sites I tried from the list.
still working with sky as well.
pirate bay closed down !

pirate bay closed down !

Has happened before, many times.

It'll be back, it's just sailing into calmer waters.
I love it when they list banned sites, its just informing us what sites we didn't know about to look for on our proxies etc
Virgin Media have blocked tehparadox
Sky has blocked access to all of the sites today for me. Icefilms, Movie25 etc were all working fine on XBMC until today. Anyway...took me 5 mins to get Icefilms and Movie25 working again on XBMC. For Icefilms just go to the Icefilm add-on settings > misc > change the URL from icefilms.info to ipv6.icefilms.info > reboot...Should work again. Same process for Movie25 just change its URL to movie25.unblocked.pw/.
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