High end gaming PC?

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Found 12th Aug 2007
Hi all,

Am looking to buy a new PC at the moment, mine has lasted me well, but it is need of such a big overhaul that it would be better just to cut my losses and start again.

I want something that can handle the latest games, will be pretty future-proof, and was wondering whether you lot had had any dealings with the following:

Cube247: cube247.co.uk/cube247.co.uk/ These people seem pretty good, their prices are very fair in comparison to other places - cube247.co.uk/?cu…e=5 This is the one I am looking at; the hard disk space, RAM, and monitor are really selling it for me there!!

Dell: Never had any dealings with dell...I understand their special offers are very good, but again, anyone had any experiences?

Mesh: Heard some horrible rumors about customer service and post-sale customer relations, and if i'm going to blow a load of cash on a PC, i'm going to want to know that i'm getting the whole deal!!

Any help is much appreciated; i'm torn and scratching my head here!!

Thanks =


Dells customer support has been really good with me.

Offered me £40 to cover the price of a new printer because it wouldnt work with Vista -

Can you build one yourself?

If you need a Gaming PC, then usually the only option is to build it yourself.

Buying it pre-built, it often will lack in some department, or it will cost a ridiculous amount of cash.
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