high end graphics card! 8800 etc

    Hi there I'm looking for the best price of high end graphics card. The choices are:

    8800gts 640mb
    8800gts 320mb

    The deciding factor is really how good the deal is. From looking around I see that prices are around £175, £240 and £300 respectively. So the winner for me will be the biggest saving I can find.

    Also whats your opinion of the AMD Ati 2900XT models? worth a look?

    Thanks guys and gals


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    The 8800 GTS 320MB can handle pretty much anything you throw at it at resolutions up to 1680x1050. Above that then go for the 640MB models.

    One of the best cards to get is the BFG 8800GTS 320MB since that comes pre-overclocked, and in some cases is faster than a non-overclocked 640MB card.

    I've got that card and It hasn't failed with anything so far.

    go to ebay. Cheapest graphics cards are there always.

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    Had a look on ebay, not much interesting really. Theres an inno3d 640mb gts for £220 on amazon, what you reckon?

    Wheres the best price for the BFG OC 320mb?
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