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    I have around £1000 to spend on a laptop, and need some recommendations. Initially I was opting for the Vostro 1500, but it has gone up in price recently and so I'm hoping to get a better deal somewhere else. My requirements are detailed below, but they're not set in stone, so offer anything remotely suitable Before I forget, I'm based in South London but would prefer to buy online as I don't have any time left to run around retail outlets!

    - I'm going to university so a 15'' would be better for portability, but a 17'' would undoubtedly be nicer for watching movies. Both are alright but anything lower or higher is unsuitable.
    - I play games from time to time, so would like to keep on top of the new releases. The 8600M GT is fine, although anything with the option of the new 8700M GT would be great.
    - In terms of the screen, I am looking for a Widescreen WSXGA+ (1680x1050) screen.
    - Memory is unimportant, as most laptops can now be upgraded at a later date to a standard of 4GB. So I dont mind having 1GB or 512MB, as a few months down the road I can choose to upgrade.
    - The harddrive should preferably be over 120GB, SATA and 7200 RPM. I can always get an external drive for all of the uneccessary ****.
    - The processor should be dual core, with the new Intel Core 2 Duo SantaRosa being particularly attractive. Although I wouldn't really want a C2D under 2Ghz, as this laptop has to last 3 years.

    Also, I should mention that I'm a student and will be using a "Buy now - pay later option" if available. With regard to this, I was wondering if anyone has any idea how much Dell charge for settling the whole cash price after 12 months? I saw an offer on their site tonight about not paying until October 2008, and then paying in monthly installments or choosing to pay it off without interest but with a charge.

    Moreover, is the 5% off Dell voucher still available? I saw it mentioned but after a quick search couldn't find the actual code.

    Thanks for any suggestions and what deals are the best I've spent quite a few hours researching this - with stuff from Evesham, Sager, Clevo, Asus, Acer, Dell, Rock etc but haven't found anything that really stood out or was in my price range. I've registerd with Quidco, so now just need to find something great!


    Seeing as you're a student MacBooks are well worth a look as students get big discounts:

    Student offers: [URL=""][/URL]
    Education Stores: ]http//st…tml

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    So, the 8800m GTX has been released for mobile platforms. :w00t: Any special deals going round with BNPL sellers?

    I'm also thinking of purchasing a desktop with a financing option... ZooStorm are pretty good value for money, but have no checkout options rather than a full payment.
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