High Interest Savings Accounts?

Found 4th Oct 2005
I'll keep it short and sweet, I want the best returns on the money I currently have in various savings accounts:

C&G Cash ISA Account -
£9,000~ @ 4.35%

C&G Tracker Account -
£5,000~ @ 3.00%

Lloyds Online Saver -
£7,000~ @ 2.99%

The only one offering a semi decent rate of interest is the Cash ISA but even that seems low to that's possibly available. I've become very complacent with it all but have finally decided it's time to move it into higher interest accounts after seeing that HSBC offer an 8% interest account! I know that's only for special circumstances but it still makes me think I could possibly move everything into an account somewhere offering 5% but just don't know of any.

Please help me get out of this mess :P Thanks
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Please? ;o
[url]www.ingdirect.co.uk[/url] - i think 4.85% at the moment

[url]www.firstdirect.co.uk[/url] - esavers account offers 5.00% as long as you don't take any out in each month

Other good banks with good rates:

[url]www.icicibank.co.uk[/url] - 5.4%

I would recommend going to [url]www.fool.co.uk[/url] and [url]www.moneysavingexpert.co.uk[/url] for a much larger discussion on bank accounts! Less than 4% is criminal!

I personally have a ingdirect savings account. I've had it for years now, and it's always had a great (if not the best) rate. Recommended. :thumbsup:
Many thanks for the great reply andi! First Direct seems like the best option at the moment, I might consider ICICI but I've never heard of them before so I'm unsure if they're reputable or not. Any experiences with them? I'll post quickly on MSE just incase there's one better but firstdirect looks good!

Thanks again, clocks Karma + button!
Yup. ICICI is an Indian bank that is trying to make a name for itself in the UK. It received a flood of applications due to its market beating rate, and couldn't handle it. Reports of lousy customer service all round. I'd definitely open ING or FD for sure, and make ICICI if you wanted a bit of risk.
ICICI I didn't realise they were in the UK now?! Wow I remember them from when I travelled in India...they always had an ATM that would work with my debit card

They're a major bank over there so I would assume they would be safe to work with here. I'm sure they're funded by some major UK banking consortium. However as noted already that won't help lousy customer service!
Alliance & Leicester look good
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