High mileage commute - need car. What options would be best?

Found 20th Nov 2015
Looking to try and pool ideas / information / links if at all possible.

Just been offered a new role which will mean about 200 miles of travelling each day (at my expense) and I am trying to figure out the best / what options are available for travelling.

I have looked at different transport options but driving looks to be the only sensible choice and hence trying to figure out how best to structure this.

I have looked up fuel costs based on the travel (not car wear and tear) and I would need to buy/lease a car (just back into work so no real cash sum for this) and was considering what best to do.

Initially thought of using older cars and running them into the ground but I would need the reliability hence this is probably out so I am looking into leasing / rental options as this would be for only 6 months to start with but I would have high mileage.

Does anyone have any experience with anything similar at all that they can share? Would going for a more expensive electric car be cheaper overall?

Thoughts and feedback would be appreciated.

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As far as I am aware an electric car wouldn't do the 200 miles unless you could charge at work? even then a lot are under 100 miles in range.
I would be looking at the older used option at least for the first 6 months.
Don't want to commit to a 2 year lease then end up loosing the job after 6 months
Aston Martin DBS...

i didn't read the question. but thats always the answer
motorbike dirt cheap but u got weather against you
leasing a car is out of the question with these miles.
buying new just woukdnt make sense

best bet is 3 year old diesel
maybe astra or simalar
I'm getting about 9 miles per litre of Diesel in my old, 2000, 1.9 Alhambra, but you would get more from a smaller VW, Seat, Skoda, etc, with the same engine, which is VERY reliable. That is £25/day. NO breakdowns in 9 months, for a car I paid £300 for!!!
got a primera dci 2.2 (98k on the clock when bought and reached 260k in 4 years)every day motorway,honda accord 2.2 diesel it may be a better choice,octavia 1.9 tdi highly rated by taxi drivers(some reached 350k)
Appreciate everyone's thoughts and feedback - keep it coming

Not sure if I can risk an older car as I know nothing about them to know if it is in decent condition or not
The newer the car, the better developed the engine. Just completed 2000 miles in my 2015 Mondeo 1.5 Tdci. Getting 60mpg on my mixed road daily commute but got 70mpg overall on a 440 mile motorway run the other day. Bearing in mind it's not fully run in, I'm very happy with this.

If you are doing 200 miles pd it must be very well paid so get the best car you can as you will be in it for many hours so comfort is very important too unless you want chronic back ache.
320D efficientdynamics, Golf 1.6 TDi match. A4 2.0TDiE
2.0 seat leon tdi. we get about 50mpg around town, 70 on motorways
Electric would require you to have access to charging during the day as currently the only model with a 200 mile range is something like the Tesla Model S at £65k.

Say you're doing 40k miles a year (200 days of 200 mile drives). Fuel cost on a really efficient diesel (70mpg) would be about £3k per year. Electric car running costs will depend on what you pay for your electric but at around a third of the cost per mile it would save you about £2k a year.

That's a saving of £166 a month. I couldn't find an exact Model S lease deal that matched what you were after but looking at related deals suggested it'd be £800+ per month, a lot more expensive than a £300-400 lease.

A Zoe or Leaf might work out if you have good access to chargers but otherwise you're looking at the most efficient diesel engine you can find. Probably either Honda's 1.6 or the Peugeot/Ford 1.5/1.6 models.

An older car might work though. At 40k miles a year you're going to be wearing cars out in three or four years anyway so if you buy something circa six years old you won't start to get age related failures until you'd be getting wear related failures anyway. It is likely to work out as the cheapest option.
You're better off moving house.
200 miles a day??! Damn. Just hope the pay increase is worth it, which it probably is seeing as you've accepted the job?

Is train out of the question?
move if its 200 miles a day oO
Would be cheaper to find lodgings for the week.
Bugatti Veyron Should do a 100 mile trip in25 minutes if you floor it jobs a kipper

transit5 wrote:

Would be cheaper to find lodgings for the week.

This is the most visible opinion if think about it. With all the room online deals.

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mk4 golf 1.9 tdi great on fuel . cheap to run and fix ect last forever
Personally I don't think I'd be prepared to travel that kind of mileage every day. Firstly because of the cost of fuel but more importantly because of the actual number of hours doing the commute and how that would impact my personal life. What that be, 4 hours+ travelling PER DAY? Possibly a lot more if the job requires a start/finish a peak times.
I'd be wanting a MASSIVE pay rise to do that.
Having said that I'm lucky in that it takes me only 10 minutes to drive to work.
Suggest you do a 'test run' and see how long it actually takes before accepting the job.
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200 mile round trips my way you'd be looking at 4 hours each way, can never average over 25 miles an hour on mainly 30,40 and NSL
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