High mileage commute - need car. What options would be best?

Posted 20th Nov 2015
Looking to try and pool ideas / information / links if at all possible.

Just been offered a new role which will mean about 200 miles of travelling each day (at my expense) and I am trying to figure out the best / what options are available for travelling.

I have looked at different transport options but driving looks to be the only sensible choice and hence trying to figure out how best to structure this.

I have looked up fuel costs based on the travel (not car wear and tear) and I would need to buy/lease a car (just back into work so no real cash sum for this) and was considering what best to do.

Initially thought of using older cars and running them into the ground but I would need the reliability hence this is probably out so I am looking into leasing / rental options as this would be for only 6 months to start with but I would have high mileage.

Does anyone have any experience with anything similar at all that they can share? Would going for a more expensive electric car be cheaper overall?

Thoughts and feedback would be appreciated.

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