High pitched noise coming from mobile phone charger

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Found 26th Oct 2010
Hi i got my new htc desire hd today and for some reason the charger is making a very high pitched noise, its fine if i plug it into the laptop so it seems its the plug it self

should i call up e2save and ask them to send me a new charger out?



Just don't click HERE


I get it too with my iPhone in car charger not that it helps you

complain or find your house burnt down by the faulty Chinese charger

Hmm, tricky one this one!

I'm listening to the same noise, I think it's just electrical interference? Hmmm

Its the resistors that reduce the current i think, had to send a Panasonic phone back as it was doing the same was driving me nuts.

I would ask for another

if it's humming , then note a lot of the new chargers deliver a high current to achieve a fast charge especially the HTC ones
most chargers are around 350 -550 amps and the hum could be a result of the high current demand / delivery ( (1000mah)
..I rely on a HTC USB charger myself and it's very fast ...1000mah ( 1amp delivery) and use it for every thing , my dogtag BT headset , samsung yepp , milestone

note though that ultimately fast charges reduce overall battery life although some have built-in technology to slow down charge delivery after say 80% charge achieved
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