High quality, gold plated SCART cables?

    I am mounting my TV on the wall shortly and have read that to get the best picture from Sky + Plus that a gold plated scart is much better than a £1 SCART from poundland. Can anyone suggest a deal, or a site that I can get one from. I wouldn't really want to pay any more than £20.

    Thanks all!


    Go to the Richer Sounds site. Cambridge Audio do decent 2m leads for a tenner which I've always used & found no problems with, the picture sound are excellent too. If u wanna spend more then u can get really, really decent ones for around £20-£25.
    (I don't hv Sky so I'm assuming that it doesn't come with HDMI connection)

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    Only Sky HD has HDMI. I wish I could just use that because then I could just get a £5 HDMI cable.

    Thanks for the heads up, there seems to be a lot to choose from.

    if its a gold plated hdmi cable you after, can i interest you in a BNIB one for a tenner plus P&P.

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    Sorry, need Scart.

    probably better off checking some of the hifi/tv magazines, they usually have cost-based cable/interconnect reviews and you may well get an excellent deal for less than you think
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