High School Musical

    For those who are/were tempted to buy High School Musical on Dvd (the fastest selling dvd in USA) released last your money...its being broadcasted on BBC1 at Christmas! Think its the 29th! :-D

    Also, Driving lessons with Julie Walters & Rupert Grint (from Harry Potter)...Being released on Boxing Day...and is being broadcasted on BBC also on 17th!


    Fastest selling DVD in USA? - scary! Thankfully in the UK ours is the far more appealing POTC: Dead Mans Chest.

    I've seen this advertised, I dont quite get the appeal myself.

    Its aimed at kids aged 10-13yrs looks cheesey but harmless enough I bought my lad it with the £5 play voucher I hope he hasn't gone off it lol

    I was amazed at the way this move was promoted.

    There were visually appealing adverts on constantly. How ever they never said when it would be released. It always said 'coming soon'.. They built up such a huge hype, and when it did come out, they showed it multiple times!

    Now it's the fastest selling DVD in the USA huh? Wow... What a great way to market something!

    well its not to my taste either but my 3 kids all love it so worth buying to me


    I've seen this advertised, I dont quite get the appeal myself.

    Bizarre isn't it The advert tries to pummel it into your subconscious that it's the movie everybody's talking about. Oh yes, it really is that good - What you've never heard of it? You must buy it or face ridicule.

    I stand in defiance!

    I CHOOSE RIDICULE!!!! :lol:

    I hadn't even heard of it until the recent adverts were shown on TV, didn't realise it was the fastest selling DVD - what DVD did it replace?


    will be returning mine to Tesco's. Bought it the other night so that family had sommit to atch over the holidays. Many thanks
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