high school musical bike... help wanted...

    Looking for a high school musical bike..
    sold in toysrus in the states but wont
    deliver to uk.. Anyone seen any here..
    mail me if you can help... cheers...……jpg


    [RIGHT][SIZE=1]what does it look like? got a pic?[/SIZE][/RIGHT]

    Original Poster

    have added pic... cheers..

    now, there's a link on here to a company (man and wife team) in the US who will buy products over there and ship them here for a small (5%?) fee- i've had a brief search but can't spot it- can anyone help?
    I think importing the bike is likely to be the best option- licensing deals mean it's unlikely to be sold over here- unless anyone can prove me wrong.
    Good luck finding this for Christmas tracey310

    is £117 a good price for you?
    go to ebay .........................:)

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    Moved to deal requests....

    cheers edi

    Original Poster

    Many Thanks for your help billyx..
    Can you tell me were to look for this couple
    wouldnt mind paying the extra for them to send it..

    Original Poster

    Cheers billyx.. Just got the one on ebay.. well chuffed.. Thanks again for your help... Merry Christmas... Tracey..

    excellent! season's greetings back to ya
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