High School Musical Lunch bag

    My daughter was really hoping that Father Christmas would bring her a HSM Lunch bag but I think he was so busy trying to get her a Wii that he didn't have time to go searching high & low for that too.

    I've been looking since, I've tried all the usual places like Asda, Woolworths, Disney Shop, Matalan etc but no luck.

    So I'd be grateful if anyone out there knows where I can get one from would let me know - they'd have to have an outlet in the North West.

    Thanks in advance.

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    No idea if this is too expensive or if its what you're looking for, but its on a Buy Now, so you could get it.

    sainsbury's have pink ones for about £7( the coolbag type) it might be in the larger stores only though so best to ring .

    edit: it is the same as the one that therealslimkaty has found

    Toys R Us also sell that pink one ^^^^... so it`d be worth phoning your local store to check for stock.

    It is £9.99 I think - for the lunchbag and a lunchbox & sport bottle (plain)

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    The one on ebay does seem a tad over priced. What get's me about lunch bags that if you get an own brand, plain adult type bag they are about £5. Put something like a Disney theme on it though and they double in price, then after about a month they look like they've been used as a football.

    However - all advice greatfully received, thanks to you all for having a look for me.

    I've called my two local Sainsbury's and they don't stock them so I've emailed head office. The lunch bag does not appear on the toysrus webiste so I've tried phoning my nearest store but have not been able to get through yet. OH normally passes it on the way home though so I'll see if he'll call in tomorrow (tonight is match night so no go there).

    Thanks again folks.

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    Hi folks, typed in a reply before to thank you kind folks for responding to my post, however, the hamsters where not turning in their wheels fast enough so it got lost in the posting.

    So anyway's, thanks a lot, I'll be looking into the places that you've all suggested.

    (oh - it's there now - how strange)

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    Thanks to everyone for their advice. No go as yet but I've not given up.

    My local TRU have not had them in a while and my small local Sainsbury's doesn't stock them and can't order them in (they have to order a box rather than just one).

    So I'll keep on phoning TRU until I get lucky.

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    Thanks for the advice folks.

    Still trying Argos and Toysrus but still no stock, will keep trying.:thumbsup:

    1970-74 ebay name this one has loads

    I Did Too But No Longer In Stock???

    ebay 1970-74 has dresses and lunch boxes have a look :thinking:

    gutted now 4 neices into high school musical and am looking for lunch bags-told they r in tesco and sainsburys but cant find them?? wish i had got them on ebay when saw them!! plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help

    please help me find some


    Roar Argos Here Areout Of Stock Too Anywhere Else Guys
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