high school musical offer in the sun

Found 14th Dec 2007
hi i'm not sure if this is in the right placed to post this, but i was wondering if anyone has recieved their goodie bag that you had to collect tokens and send them away for. I sent mine on the 26 nov and the closing date was the 29 nov and ive still not recieved it yet my daughter is diein for it to come, it was sent first class so i assume it got their on time.

The post has not been today yet so im hopeing itll come today, fingers crossed, thanks in advance for any replys
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I am still waiting for mine too. My girls keep asking everyday is it here yet. Keep our fingers crossed
I'm Still Waiting As Well Usually Freebies From Papers Take Ages!! I Have Same As You Daughter Keeps Asking
Hi, I just received mine today.:thumbsup:
Thanks for the replies i was begining to think it wasn't coming i have even emailed the sun,no reply yet though.
Post has just been not here yet:-(
I hope it comes soon :santa:
Ours arrived on Monday.
oooh completely forgot i sent off for this!!! will hopefully get it before xmas for my daughter then, if some of you have now had yours. :santa:
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