High School Project Help Needed

    My son who is in 1st year at High School has a number of small projects on the go and is struggling a bit.
    Does anyone know of any sites that will show a layout of a project ie. Front page, intro, main body, conclusion etc?

    He seems to struggle putting it altogether and howto get started and I just lose the rag with him.

    Any help appreciated.


    If his teacher hasn't provided a template, then it will be useful for him to organise his thoughts and his work if he makes one for himself. It depends on the subject matter, the type of presentation and the 'size' of the project but that can vary as needs be.
    He could get a piece of A3 paper and divide it up under headings in poster fashion, or have a couple of pages of A4 with big boxes or on the computer in different word docs or in a powerpoint presentation -
    possible areas:
    what the project is about
    what he needs to find out
    facts and figures
    sources of information
    own thoughts

    Add or cross out as the project goes along!

    Original Poster

    Thanks everyone I'll leave rep

    what project is it?

    and dont forget references/bibliography.
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