High Sierra no longer supported on old MacBook Pro

Posted 3rd Mar 2023
I have a Late 2011 13” MBP that I use every now and then, I installed a SSD a few years ago so it runs pretty good still.

I’ve been getting the pop up saying High Sierra is no longer supported, will the update kill the the MacBook and make it slow/unusable? I’d just keep it as it is if it would.

I’m assuming you just update it through the Mac App Store updates?
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    You can't up date it at least not officially as High Sierra was the last supported version for your MacBook, source: discussions.apple.com/doc…392 , and the last OS security update it had was in November 2020

    There are unofficial ways to upgrade it to a newer OS version though with guides available online, however I have no experience with doing that

    You can just leave it as it is if you like, the Chrome web browser still is getting security updates on your model which helps a lot

    Other options could be running Windows 10 in Bootcamp, that still gets security updates until October 2025 or ChromeOS Flex to convert it to a Chromebook, however it would no longer be a MacBook running MacOS then therefore no more iMovie ect.
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    I’ll probably keep it as it is then as I don’t use it that much, I do use chrome which is good to know.
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    Unless your willing to fiddle around a bit, your better leaving it as is.

    Otherwise you can use some tools to hack a newer version on. Apple have a nasty habit of making hardware obsolete when they feel like it as opposed to when the hardware is not able to support something they want to do.

    When they went from power pc to Intel, it was about 4 years or so before they removed support from OS X. Now they've gone Intel to arm, it's been about 2 years. So I give it another year or 2 at most before they stop supporting Intel architecture entirely. I could be wrong, and it might be longer. But going on Apples past form.

    Have a look at these...



    As mentioned you could put windows 10 or 11 on it, Linux or if your technical and feeling brave you could configure it as a VM server and run mac os and/or windows as vm's.