High Sleeper bed frame for child

Found 28th Dec 2009
Hello folks

Well my 6 year old son has a double bedroom but he's incredibly spoiled but his grandparents etc - and he is messy!! (takes after me on the messy genes). Been thinking about getting him a high sleeper for a while now. He now has one at his Dad's house as he only has a box room there and he loves it, and can get in and out of it okay too.

Anyone know of any good places to get one that doesn't cost the ends of the earth?

I'm in North Scotland so no Ikea near either.

Would prefer wooden one. I already have a mattress. And don't want a built in desk with it, as he wouldn't use it and would take up more space. Has to be High sleeper rather than cabin bed, as more space under a high sleeper.

Thanks for any help folks!
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I'm trying to remember where I got my sons one from.It would be ideal for you. Really good quality which is wooden with nothing underneath.Hmmm sorry no help. Let me search and I'll come back to you. It was recommended to me on here about 2 years ago!!

Sorry I've found it but it was a clearance bed and no longer available. It was made by Thuka which is a great make but are very expensive, although I got mine off this site for £100 thuka.co.uk/sho…tml Might be worth looking around at other places that stock Thuka as I bget the impression that this is what you are after
Try Ebay....you can find locally listed ones. Got my eldest sons pine one off there and youngest son's stompa one off there too. Got my own mattresses for them both but beds are fab!
thanks for the info!! the thuck ones look fab quality...

checked out ebay too (would never have thought of there for something so huge lol!) found a seller that custom makes them at good price and really good quality too!
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