High Spec Tower PC less than £500

    I am looking at buying a new high spec system and wondered if anyone has any alternatives to ITCSales (not got the stock in at the mo - 2 weeks before anymore).

    I am looking for typically this (yes a lot to ask but some of the itc listings have been up to this level for less than £500!)

    Dual Core Processor
    2Gb RAM
    320+ Gb SATA drives
    256Mb graphics card
    DVD writer
    DVD reader
    Card reader
    No monitor required
    No operating system required

    .....well its worth asking isnt it!!

    Thanks, markluk


    [SIZE=3]they used to say you have two hopes: Bob Hope and no hope. [/SIZE]

    [SIZE=3]Dude you don't even have Bob hope any more. :sad:[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=3]you'll prob find that the company is listing wishlist computers that are never in stock. just to get you surfing their catalogue.

    Saying "I want a big shiny thing for cheap" - fair enough - what do you want to do with it? Then i can try to find you alternatives[/SIZE]

    2.66 cpu, 1gb, 1yr warranty, 320gb, intel graphics £505

    you won't find what you ask specs for under £500

    Original Poster


    Thanks for the replies - here is an example of what itc have been selling for £399 VAT!

    [SIZE=2][COLOR=#000099]Dimension 9150 ULTIMATE Viiv[COLOR=#ff0000] Dual[/COLOR] [COLOR=#ff0000]Core[/COLOR] (3.00GHz) 4 MB Cache 1Gb RAM Loads Of Other Bits !! 1 Only Factory Second Unit[/COLOR][/SIZE]

    Dimension 9150 Viiv PD 930 pro 3 GHZ[COLOR=#ff0000] Dual Core[/COLOR] 4 MB Cache
    1GB RAM
    320 GB Total SATA Drives
    160GB (7200rpm) SATA Hard Drive x 2 On raid Board
    16 X DVD +/- RW And Second DVD/CDRW Second Drive
    13-1 Digital Media Card Reader
    Creative Sound Blaster Audigy2 ZS
    ATI Radeon X600 256MB HyperMemory
    V.92 Modem Data/Fax/Voice PCI UK
    10-100 Nic

    90 Days RTB warranty
    Superb For Gaming , Multi Media. Buisness Use One Of The Best.

    Description :Display demo has run 3 D Game for around 21 days. Has tiny feint scratch on left hand side of case

    So maybe not quite no hope!!

    (and there were a couple better spec for the same sort of price!)

    Any tips of clearance houses etc would be great.


    you said you want to buy a new pc not refurb,....

    [SIZE=2]Best bet Local Pc Shop you can take it back anytime and they will assemble exactly what you want. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]This will also make it easy to upgrade as well[/SIZE]


    Dual Core Processor

    Much of the computer industry (including gaming) works better on single core. My system comes with a single core AMD Athlon 64 3200+.


    2Gb RAM

    I can understand why you need this, however my system does come with a very powerful 1GB Crucial PC3200 (2x512MB) RAM.


    320+ Gb SATA drives

    Here's where you would need to upgrade, as my system only comes with a 160GB Serial ATA (new SATA connection) Hard Disk.


    256Mb graphics card

    My system comes with a very powerful Powercolor Radeon X800GTO , 256MB.


    DVD writerDVD readerCard reader

    Regrets that mine doesn't come with a media card reader, although does come with a Dual Layer 8x8 DVD-RW Drive.


    Motherboard: DFI LanParty UT nF4-D (very powerful)
    Case: X-Blade Black
    Other Things that my computer comes with: Wireless Network Card, Thermaltake 480W Butterfly PSU, Fan Controller.

    I'm asking for 350 inc, and for an extra 150 you can easily upgrade to Dual Core, 2GB RAM, Add a media card reader and you could buy another 250GB S-ATA hard drive This is worked out in that the processor will sell for 40, giving you a total of 190 to spend. Dual Core 3800+ (which my motherboard allows) will cost you 100, RAM will cost you an addition 40, you can pick up a media card reader for less than 10 quid on eBay and you can pick up a 200GB hard drive on eBay for just over 40.

    My advice is to be patient with ITC sales..I just purchased a Dell from them with exactly the spec you require with a Gforce 6800 graphics card which works quite well with the latest games..I paid £399 + vat and it is in new condition.
    At some future date I will upgrade to a Gforce 7600GT or Gforce 7900GT card as my son wants the best gaming performace.
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