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Found 17th Jan 2010
Does anyone have any experience with asking high street mobile shops i.e. Phones4u or Carphone warehouse etc, to match deals found online and bottom line will they?
I've seen a deal for a Blackberry 8900 with PS3 for £30 a month and wondered if they'd match it if I went to the shop?
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You need to find the highstreet store, which you want to do the price matching, find their price match policy and see if it can align with any online offers.

Unfortunately unless the online HQ/Office is within very close milage of a CPW/P4u store, you are screwed as 1 online office can cover an entire country but a high street stores 3mile radius price match policy is useless as it's the equivilant of little dots all over the country compared to the blanket coverage of one online office if you understand me...

Ultimately you need to bite the bullet and order online realising that high street stores over head is extortionate (unless they operate on mass stock like Argos etc) compared to online ordering so online deals will mostly always be superior, just make sure you use cashback and you setup reminders if getting a redemption deal.
They tend not to as the high street overheads are huge

Why not order online?
No, they dont usually. They will try and throw in more add ons for free but never quite match what you get online.
Cheers Guys, I don't have a problem with online, just wondered if you could walk into a shop........I have found some sites offering to deliver the gift with the phone so thats probably the way I'll go
Post the site you have chosen before ordering so people can comment.

Also check out HUKD feedback section on the retailer you choose.


Are the main four I have dealt with, all no problem.
Affordablemobiles.co.uk, its part of Shebang who include beepy, I had my last contract off beepy but you had to redeem to get the gift which took about 3 months otherwise no problem
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