High street shops what a rip off!!

    I have just been into our local town for the first time in ages to try and buy my son a copy of Call of Duty 4 for the PS3 as he was desperate to play it asap and not wait for one of my online bargains. I checked a few of the obvious websites (HMV, Zavvi, Game) to get an idea of the price. Most of them charge about £40 online . I decided to go to Zavvi to get my 10% virgin discount, however when I got into the shop the game is £50!! that was £11 more than the online store The same thing was true in HMV and Game, I ended up going to Argos for it and using nectar points to bring the price down to £27.50.
    Thats the last time I go to the shops to buy games, I could accept a couple of pounds add on for their overheads but £11 is ridiculous.


    I wanted to get my kids 2 DVDs from HMV but had a £30 voucher so couldn't order them online.

    The Shrek Trilogy was £7 more instore than on their website and Roary the Racing Car was £5 more so ended up paying £12 extra because they won't let us use our vouchers online! :x

    it's always been the way though. there are alot of overheads in these stores, rent, bills, staff wages. And with more and more people buying online, then they sell less in stores, and so have to put the prices up to recoup the costs.

    You may have got a good deal in a supermarket for the game

    zavvi are really bad.
    Went in there yesterday (that was my first mistake) Most of there games were around £50.
    Only deal they had was buy 1 get 1 free..this was on some £50 games like gears of war and stranglehold.
    Yeah great deal

    i know, we should ban all internet sales, no1 buy online ever again. then the stores will be cheap again. woohoo!

    The last time I checked on the high street were doing all PS3 games for £40, did you check there?

    I always have used gamestation, Game has been alright, but zavvi and Hmv are disgraceful.
    Most games i buy are either pre-owned from gamestation or bought from amazon.

    yep lol

    I must give cred to HMV, even if it is just the once lol...i went in there the other week looking at a PS2 game it was £19.99 i thought as they can be tad expensive to check game and gamestation, well gamestation didnt have it, and game were selling it at £29.99!!!

    Off to HMV i went and saved £10!!
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