High street vouchers usable online?


    Sorry if this is in the wrong place, I didnt know where to ask.

    I would like to know if highstreet vouchers are generally accepted online.

    I was looking at HMV in particular and I get the impression you cannot as they have a differant voucher system.

    Is this the case with a lot of other companies?

    Can we build a list if you know of the one's that do and the ones that don't?


    Can't be used online, as what would then stop you going into a shop and redeeming the same voucher in-store?

    Original Poster

    Is that a blank no across the board?

    I find it easier to shop online as you can browse quicker, delivery and all that business. Many benifits to shopping online.

    I have some john lewis/waitrose ones which you can use online or instore. You have to scratch off a silver panel to get a code to enter online, if the silver area is scratched off it wont be accepted in store
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