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Posted 29th Nov
Expensive computers are usually not posted for various reasons but here I am looking for one:

I've seen quite a few various parts and is aware that I am likely to get a better deal buying it myself but I don't feel comfortable doing so, especially when going with an expensive one.

So basically I wanted the foundation of the computer to contain both of the followign: GPU to be an RTX 2080Ti and the the CPU to be a 9900k /9900KS or a 3900x.

Best one I've found so far is from the black friday deals from Scan: at 2599,99 ( 2799,98 prev). Which is stretching my budget but might pull the trigger.

Was hoping for some comments - ideally helping me find similar spec / better for a cheaper penny or confirming if the deal is decent.

Also if there's any discounts that I could take advantage of to get it lower.
Alternatively a similar deal on another site, perhaps combining some discounts.

Is Ebay running anything for instance?

Any help much appreciated.
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I think my PC just turned green with envy

Have a look at cclonline.com - I normally grab my components from there - but they also do gaming pc's and you can customise them to suit your needs. Might find a good setup that compares to scan. I find they are generally pretty good prices.

Although you didn't mention it don't forget to budget for a decent monitor! Nothing worse than having an amazing pc and a crap screen!
For me it's PC Specialist all day long.
They also come with great reviews on TrustPilot
The reason expensive computers don't get posted on here is they are poor value for money and 99% of people don't need them.

Have you set your mind on this system? Because the price/performance ratio on top end stuff is bad.
Buying parts individually is a lot cheaper there are many discord to help you with that for example scan or PCPartPicker
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