High Velocity Bowling PS3 question

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Found 6th May 2008
Asked this on GF and got ignored as to them its a n00b question pfft! Anyway here is what i asked:

Well we've just got this on the EU store and i was wondering if this is similar to the Wii sports bowling where you would use the sixaxis like the Wii remote?

cheers for any info chaps!

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Hi again (I'm not stalking you, honest!).

Yea, it's like that, where you use the motion sensing controls... I'm just downloading it now, so I'll be able to tell you more after I've played it, but there is some info ]here for now :thumbsup:

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hehe np im on ps now and i can see u on it


hehe np im on ps now and i can see u on it

Hubby is playing it... it's pretty good, I've just had a little go! Harder than wii bowling, but there's a lot more to it.

You hold the controller with one hand, so that it is on it's side, with your forefinger and little finger on the R2 and L2 buttons respectively, and your thumb on the x button. (Probably not describing this very well, lol!)

Then you aim by moving the controller to the left and right, and press the L2 / R2 buttons for spin, and you pull back and bowl forwards to take your shot...

Will need a bit of practise, but looks pretty good so far

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Dl'd it along with Haze and Condemned 2 demos, trying to wake up with a coffee and im going to cancel my overtime 2day hehe!
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