High water bill from leak. Am I liable?

Posted 25th Jan 2016
After some advise if possible. To cut a long story short...

On 7th January we received our quarterly water bill. It's usually around £30 however this time it was £300. It said on the letter that the high usage indicates a leak. This bill is dated 10th December, nearly a month ago! I can't see a leak anywhere and everything seems normal.

I phone up and the lady goes through all the jargon and tells me not to worry as because I am renting, I will not be liable for the bill and to just get my landlord to get a plumber out to fix the problem. She said that she can see the leak has been on going from August. Landlord sent someone out and turns out it was something to do with the toilet however the cistern is behind a wall so we wouldn't hear it.

I phone up yorkshire water to tell them its all sorted and they tell me to take a 2 week meter reading to work out my average.

I just phoned up with my meter readings and she says that we are still liable to pay that bill. Now my arguement is, should I be liable for something they was aware of for 5 months? And even then they made a formal letter about the leak yet waited nearly a month for the letter to be sent. Now the bill will be even higher than £300 as it doesnt include from 10th December to 7th Jan. I'm currently waiting for some other team to get back to me.
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