Found 10th Sep 2009
hi im after an highchair for my 3 month old daughter can any 1 recommend 1 and any 1 know of a gd deal any where
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3 months is a bit early to go in a highchair is it not?

Can she sit up herself yet?
she doesnt need a highchair till she can sit upright unaided at about 6 months of age.

You can have a bouncy chair for her instead? x
Or a babyswing?
they do highchairs from birth now
oh and yes she sits up fine but like i said they do them from birth im just looking at getting 1 now even if its from 6 months
asda baby event has them for £25

they do highchairs from birth now


but that misses out on all the cuddling.......

this was my last high chair, I liked it as I'm a clean freak and it was easy to clean xx

Hi i've got the Chicco Polly highchair it is quite heavy to move around but it does a lot, it is hight adjustable and the seat lays back. The straps can come off to be cleaned which they cant on a lot of chairs.
Price varies accourding to colour ! Overall i think its a good chair.
[FONT="Century Gothic"]I have the Silver Cross Soverign high chair for my daughter, we have had it for about a year now and it still looks brand new despite everyday use!
It is really easy to clean, is hight adjustable and the seat is adjustable aswell. It maybe a bit big if you don't have a lot of space but it is a great high chair, i would definately recommend it:)[/FONT]
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