highest specification PC NO MORE THAN>>>£549.

Found 5th Dec 2007
Hey all got little favour.

Might think it sounds lazy but i am looking myself aswell, just got a new piece of course work from uni and i have to find the highest spec pc for no more than £549.

Here is the info:


Using the Internet, computer magazines, visits to shops you are to identify the highest specification PC that you can buy for not more than £549. The “system” must be capable of being connected to a network and be able to run the standard “Office” suite of applications. A laptop would also be an acceptable choice.

Have to write quite a large report on all spec and how the parts lie within the manufacturers range of devices, FSB Speed and bla bla bla. But hey thats the part i need to worry about and no one else lol.

Anyways, any pc or laptop ideas would be great,

Just want some quick suggestions thats why only 5pm as no point spending ages selecting pcs when im not actually wanting to buy one.

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You're not going to need a powerful expensive one as practically all new pcs will run office suite easily so just find a cheapy desktop on dell, and say you've spent the rest on security anti viruses ie- nod32 or kaspersky. Don't mention norton or mcafee!

For what you're doing there's no need for dual core or uber ram.
Maybe Dell? Can customise it then, play about see what spec you can get with that kind of pretend budget!

If you need a good spec. Just hoke about for a cheapo monitor.
Thanks for all the help, think what they are looking for though is the highest spec one i can buy for that price.

Will check out that thread leefal.

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