Highview parking fine help!

Posted 16th Apr 2019
Hi, can anyone help. I have recieved a parking charge notice from highview parking for over staying in a retail car park .

It says how long was l there but not how long the maximun stay is , just that l exceeded the maximum stay. The photo of me entering the car park is totally blank. The one with me exiting is clear.

Anyone had experience of highview parking and how they got out of paying the fine?
Thanks in advance
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If you search ‘parking fine’ on this site within the discussions, there are plenty of threads that could help
You might be able to find the maximum time from Google Streetview or by Googling the car park. You may already find other experiences on Pepipoo.
If its a retail park and you have shopped. Depending what the terms were, like for example if you spend over £50 then you just need to appeal. So double-check the terms and maybe ask the majar shop retailer to cancel it.
Or if you did over stay your welcome, just pay the Fine.
go back to the car park and find the info board (google may not have the latest one)

1. is the information clear
2. does it state the parking limits
3. anything else that may be of help to you


once you have that detail
check the timing (how long you stayed for mainly vs allowed time).

most car parks have 10min grace time some even 15
If you are within the limit above I can help you since I had the same issue and managed to get away with it

also check pepioo for help but they will need more detail tho
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Did you pay it
I have just recieved a letter stating i that i owe £170 from Jan 2018 and thats the 1st letter i've received. Advising i've no right of appeal
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