Hiking Socks

    Im after a comfortable pair of hiking socks for a pressie for some one, anyone with any suggestions?


    Try Cotton traders 3-pack for a tenner just now.

    Get some of the 1000mile socks; they have a separate inner layer- made of tencel? or something-which prevents you getting blisters. I have used them quite a lot when running and they have worked really well. You can get hiking ones which I think are dark green. You can often get them in TK Maxx, which always seems to have a good selection of hiking socks (in my local anyay).…htm
    Otherwise good ones are the type which are elasticated around the middle part of your foot. This stops them slipping which can be good when hiking.

    these aren't bad for £1 a pair ... assuming there's a Gooutdoors store near you…435

    I'm not reraly into spending £12 or so on a pair of socks ... I suppose if I was climbing Everest I might think about it though !
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