Hilarious D&G 2-year warranty

    I bought a D&G watch that was posted here at Christmas from Amazon. I've really looked after it, only wearing it on the occasional weekends.
    So last week I was walking with a friend (at night) and suddenly the watch felt a little 'looser'...I check it and the buckle had just fallen off and was nowhere to be seen.

    I came home the next day and checked the box...found a 2 year warranty card! I filled in the necessary details and sent it off recorded delivery to 'Seiko', the company which deals with the warranty and repairs.
    Today I receive a letter back with a bill of £35 - £5 more than I paid for the watch! The warranty terms stipulate that it doesn't cover the following:

    - Damage to the watch
    - Damage to the strap
    - Water damage (It's supposedly water resistant - wtf!)

    So basically ALL the warranty covers it seems is a dead battery - am I right in assuming that?

    I phone Amazon and they basically say there's nothing they can do. So now Seiko have my watch ransom and are asking for me to pay for the delivery back to me. Now that's service huh!

    How can a company get away with making their warranty so impossible? Making the only thing 'coverable' something that would cost a couple of quid (less than postage) to repair yourself or in a shop!



    sucks dude

    It covers the movement only on most watch brands, unless it's a really obvious manufacturing fault.

    And water resistant is basically splash proof, not that it can go underwater.

    batteries aren't usually covered

    If you are bothered about their ignorance write a letter to D&G head office. Don't bother with Seiko or Amazon. Seiko don't care (they are just the OEM/repair contractor) and Amazon will want the watch back from you first (which will cost you money).

    If you come across disappointed/persistent enough D&G may send you a more expensive watch for free.

    Moral of the story, only buy watches from known watch manufacturers, and not with a designer name splattered all over it.

    I'd get some advice from Consumer Direct or your local trading standards office.

    It's usually the movement under warranty only,so they put the strap buckle down as damage yourself,obviously it must been faulty to begin with.
    Waterproof usually just means it's splash proof,say a bit of rain got on it,or you washing your hands and a bit of splash goes onto it. Can't go swimming,those with watches that are swim proof etc,they usually say how meters the depth of water can be.
    I paid for an extended warranty at Goldsmiths on a watch,it did cover more than the clockwork inside,as a diamond come off the face of the watch was floating around,they repaired it,the repair was more than I paid for the extended warranty.


    I wanted to try that, but I cannot find any email for D&G, it seems to be … I wanted to try that, but I cannot find any email for D&G, it seems to be non-existent :(EDIT: Found the address for the UK branch. Will write a complaint up now. Cheers Summoner

    Dolce&Gabbana UK Ltd.
    6/8 Old Bond Street, 1st floor,
    W1S 4PH - London
    Tel +44-207-65 95 300

    Looks the London branch is their only official UK office.
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