Hilarious Test Exam Answers!

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    Seen this somewhere.


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    Haha this is so damn funny...I guess the instructor should of clarified a bit more. Classic.

    LOL yeah blame it on the FAT ASS elephant!

    God I love this one...the is the best way to explain Bruce Wayne and the Batman connection in uber hard Calculus. A+++ for artistic quality and imagination.

    There is something wrong with this kid's head.

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    LOL only if algebra was this easy...then everyone would be A students in mathematics.

    What a comment.

    This is too funny! What an idiot.

    This guy show off gotten some credits! Look at those artistic skills...GO TMNT!

    Lol gives more fun to the hang man game.

    lol at no2

    they are brilliant "very funny peter" lololol

    Damn Can't beleive some of these are A-Level papers!

    I'd show these to my daughter but she gets up to enough stuff when she's meant to be studying already lol

    Anymore of these, i have just LOL'd !


    Damn Can't beleive some of these are A-Level papers!

    My guess would be:

    1: GCSE
    2: A level maths (M2) or physics
    3: A level physics
    4: Potentially first year engineering or even foundation year for engineering (part way through lecture test), otherwise A level physics.
    5: A level maths
    6: GCSE or AS Chemistry/Physics, depending on what the overall question is
    7: A level biology
    8: A level biology
    9: Degree level maths or engineering

    Most of these answers (if not all) would obviously be internal or just made up afterwards - but very funny

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    one more to come, but am afraid it might be taken off, due to the word d*** and f**


    Op, I've been sitting here crying for the last 10 minutes - lmao :-D
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