Hillary's Blinds/Curtains prices?

Posted 13th Feb 2019
Hi all,

Quick question about Hillary's, the curtain/blind company. I'm having a hard time finding out any of their prices. Has anyone used them recently? Were they expensive & was the service good?
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Far too expensive, use a local supplier.
They are really expensive and would be reluctant to give you any kind of price before they come out and give you a quote to try and convince you how amazing they are.
I’ve ordered 2 sets of custom made blinds from blinds4uk and they’ve been great value for money.
As per the other comments. Use a local company, we did and paid half of the price of the quote we received from Hillary’s for shutters being fitted to our house, exactly the same product and options.
They measured up for vertical blinds at mine and they quoted £900!!!! proper high pressure sales too, told them to go.
got a local company to do them for £200
Buy them online and fit them yourself and save even more
Try blinds 2 go
I think I was expecting a quote about £700, it ended up £2800, we ended up putting curtains up.
Crazy first price told them not a chance.

Sales"Hold on let me see if I can get a deal for you on this little computer"

Sales"oh yes now this price".

Me' not a chance

Sales"Hold on I may be able to better the deal"

Sales"Oh yes here we go".

Me' not a chance.

Sales"let me try again"

Sales"Oh yes your lucky you can have them at this price".

Me' ok then

They knocked about £400 off the original price by doing this and I know I still overpaid but really wanted them measured and fitted.

This was a while ago but that's something like how it went.
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