Found 14th Oct 2009
Can anyone offer any advice as to the cheapest place to buy Hills puppy/dog food instead of buying through places like pets at home ? ie are there cheaper places that are easily accesible for this plus other dog supplies and goods ? Thank you


To be honest with you, i wouldnt bother with this food, it is seriously over priced and i have read on plently of forums that it causes more bad than good.

I used to feed my rotty James Wellbeloved dog food after 'Mick' from dog borstal recommened it to me. I used to pay about £40 for a 15kg bag bought from a local pet shop which is about right for premium dog food.

Also just to add, the only reason you see Hills Science Plan in Vets and why they constantly recommend it is because Hills sponsers and gives funding to the Royal Vetinary College.

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thanks for that - does ay one else have a similar view to this. I am going off some one elses recommendation for this, so other views would be really useful as this stuff is seriously not cheap !!

my vet suggested wags which goes for around £10 for a 15kg bag at tescos

I would definitely say try Burns or James Welbeloved.
Not the cheapest, but good quality compared to others

I feed my puppy james well beloved and he loves it, you can usually find it on offer somewhere.
Everyone has different opinions but my vet said that feeding Wagg you may as well be feeding cardboard as there is hardly any meat content compared to the premium brands. Personally, I don't know but thats what he said
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