Hillsborough disaster 15TH APRIL 1989

    The Hillsborough disaster was a deadly human crush that occurred on April 15, 1989, at Hillsborough, a football stadium in Sheffield, England resulting in the death of 96 people (all fans of Liverpool Football Club).

    The inquiry into the disaster, the Taylor Report, named the cause as failure of police control, and resulted in the conversion of many football stadiums in the United Kingdom to all-seater and the removal of barriers at the front of stands...…ter

    How the Hillsborough disaster was reported - 15th April 1989...…3DI

    To all the 96, you'll never walk alone:

    John Alfred Anderson 62 Thomas Howard 39
    Colin Mark Ashcroft 19 Thomas Anthony Howard 14
    James Gary Aspinall 18 Eric George Hughes 42
    Kester Roger Marcus Ball 16 Alan Johnston 29
    Gerard Bernard Patrick Baron 67 Christine Anne Jones 27
    Simon Bell 17 Gary Philip Jones 18
    Barry Sidney Bennett 26 Richard Jones 25
    David John Benson 22 Nicholas Peter Joynes 27
    David William Birtle 22 Anthony Peter Kelly 29
    Tony Bland 22 Michael David Kelly 38
    Paul David Brady 21 Carl David Lewis 18
    Andrew Mark Brookes 26 David William Mather 19
    Carl Brown 18 Brian Christopher Mathews 38
    David Steven Brown 25 Francis Joseph McAllister 27
    Henry Thomas Burke 47 John McBrien 18
    Peter Andrew Burkett 24 Marion Hazel McCabe 21
    Paul William Carlile 19 Joseph Daniel McCarthy 21
    Raymond Thomas Chapman 50 Peter McDonnell 21
    Gary Christopher Church 19 Alan McGlone 28
    Joseph Clark 29 Keith McGrath 17
    Paul Clark 18 Paul Brian Murray 14
    Gary Collins 22 Lee Nicol 14
    Stephen Paul Copoc 20 Stephen Francis O'Neill 17
    Tracey Elizabeth Cox 23 Jonathon Owens 18
    James Philip Delaney 19 William Roy Pemberton 23
    Christopher Barry Devonside 18 Carl William Rimmer 21
    Christopher Edwards 29 David George Rimmer (38
    Vincent Michael Fitzsimmons 34 Graham John Roberts 24
    Thomas Steven Fox 21 Steven Joseph Robinson 17
    Jon-Paul Gilhooley 10 Henry Charles Rogers 17
    Barry Glover 27 Colin Andrew Hugh William Sefton 23
    Ian Thomas Glover 20 Inger Shah 38
    Derrick George Godwin 24 Paula Ann Smith 26
    Roy Harry Hamilton 34 Adam Edward Spearritt 14
    Philip Hammond 14 Philip John Steele 15
    Eric Hankin 33 David Leonard Thomas 23
    Gary Harrison 27 Patrik John Thompson 35
    Stephen Francis Harrison 31 Peter Reuben Thompson 30
    Peter Andrew Harrison 15 Stuart Paul William Thompson 17

    I can't believe it was 18 years ago RIP :cry:


    Thanks for the reminder. :-( :cry:

    Rip Ynwa

    If anyone in the Liverpool area wishes to attend the memorial service its at Anfield and you need to be seated by 2.15pm

    Went on the Liverpool Tour a couple of months ago and took this photo...

    (mods please resize photo if too big)


    I dont recall this - would have only been 11 at the time.

    My thoughts go out to the families.


    Good post, I am sure that they are all still missed. I was only one at the time but it affected the family

    R.I.P all

    Rip Ynwa

    I remember this like it was yesterday, I watched it unfold on TV not realising at the time exactly what was going on.

    Everyone will be missed by their families, my thoughts are with all the families

    I too remember it like yesterday.

    It was a scorching hot day and I was at the Dumbarton v Brechin City match and heard reports, initailly of "crowd trouble but not fighting" coming in through the radio. We listened intently and then suddenly in the ten minutes between leaving the ground and arriving in the pub, the number of deaths rose dramatically.

    We won 1-0 nothing that day according to the record books but I can't remember any of our match at all.


    didnt realise it happened so close by to my home!

    how sad, RIP.

    I remember this vaguly I was only 10 so didn't pay that much attention to the news. What saddens me now is I look through that list and so many of the dead are so young I counted about 35 under 21 and one poor soul at 10 They never had a chance to live their lives.
    Please dont get me wrong all the deaths are a tradgedy but I never realised so many youngsters died before.



    Went on the Liverpool Tour a couple of months ago and took this … Went on the Liverpool Tour a couple of months ago and took this photo...(mods please resize photo if too big)]

    I have seen that tribute a few times, so touching. I hope it will be moved to the new stadium.


    1989..... cant believe it was that long ago, doesnt seem like it

    So many young lives lost that day

    R.I.P. The 96 You'll never walk alone
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