Hilton Honours Points- converting from Virgin Atlantic Pts

Posted 29th May 2020
Does anyone have Hilton Honors Points they use, how useful have you found them within UK?

I'm considering converting Virgin Atlantic points as they seem a bit pointless now, and everything else on their partner website states quite post lockdown unfriendly activities, HH seemed useful.

Any advice will be gratefully received thanks.
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Conversions offer very poor value in general. Be patient, allow the travel industry to stabilise. Right now, there are a lot of excellent hotel offers for 2021 bookings if you are open to gamble.
I get free HH Gold as a corporate thing through work so tend to use Hilton hotels for most business stays.

I generally get around 3-5k points per night stayed so doesn't take long to get enough points for a free night or two away for me and my wife somewhere if you pick the lower points rated offers. If you afford popular dates you can often get rooms for 20k-30k points
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