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    Hi all, I have been trying to connect this to the ps4. I see in the device menu on my tv settings that the ps4 is there.. however it doesn't work. I cannot get the function to work! Anybody know how to do it?? I have also enabled it on the ps4.


    The ps4 needs to be plugged in to the correct hdmi for cec to work. It works fine on mine. Try changing the hdmi port (should be labelled)

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    Do you think the PlayStation vr will effect it? Because I don't think it directly goes straight to the tv, the vr box goes to the tv I think.. I will try it later.. can you enable this for your mac?? Thank you buddy

    Lifted from the Sony website
    BRAVIA™ Sync (Control for HDMI) is a feature that enables interoperability of connected devices using the CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) specification, which is part of the HDMI specification. Sony devices that support Control for HDMI will support this feature. Products developed by other companies that support the CEC specification might be operable using Control for HDMI, but there is no guarantee that all features are compatible with these products.

    The word "might" mean that it either works or it doesn't. I know my Sony bluray player and LG TV are happy but my Sony home cinema and TV scrap like cat and dog so I need to turn off certain functions to get them to behave, i.e. the TV doesn't tell the amp what to do but they both talk to the bluray player. CEC cross brands has always been an issue and was even an issue back in the days of scart control.

    I'm finding the CEC and audio feedback on the Hisense a bit hit and miss. My Bravia worked flawlessly and the only thing that has changed is the TV. Might just be buggy firmware but I'm learning to live with it

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    Well my hdmi 3 (uhd) port just stopped working the other night. The picture is great when hooked up to the mac and now it supports 4K streaming it's a little better.. however with my hdmi port being down that's is a problem!
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