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Posted 21st Sep
Hello. I am considering a new TV from Richersounds but a bit confused by these three TVs. I’ve had a look at their compare section and can’t see a difference between these TVs, but they have different prices. Would anyone be able to shed some light on which aid best please? Particularly between the two that are the same size and were the same RRP price 🤷🏽♀️🙈

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One on left is the older series so don't recommend that. The 2 on the right are the newest models.
The 7500 being a higher range model compared to the 7100
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Looking on the Richer Sounds website the TV on the left of your image appears to be the A6200 which is the 2018 version of the B7100/B7300.

All three TVs are very similar, looking on the Hisense site the B7500 adds a wide colour gamut (only used for HDR content), support for unspecified bluetooth devices (entry level bluetooth is often just input devices, not audio devices) and some sort of motion-related technology (It could be BFI, it could be motion interpolation).
If you do decide on Hisense, check the customer reviews. Not the best of tv's but price sometimes dictates choice. If you are still not sure speak to a Richer Sounds salesman. They are VERY helpful and knowledgeable and one of the best retailers in the country. If you're not happy with it when you get it set up, they will do their utmost to help you. No, I don't work for them. Just a very happy customer!
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