hips for selling my property

    Our estate agent says we have to get a hips for 320 quid through them, is there any other cheaper service any one can recommend please??


    my mate is registered hips, he does them and only charges about £50 as this is the going rate.
    he is in the hemel area

    Crikey - that is a huge difference in price.

    Can anyone tell me what hips is? Not that I am buying or selling right now - which is probably why I have no idea! It's just nice to know

    Cheers and good luck!

    320 is too much aroud half that would probably be an average

    he charges local councils £50, i dont know what he would charge if anyone asked him to do theres

    A HIP is a set of documents that provides the buyer with key information on the property and must be provided by the seller or the seller's agent. It is a legal requirement to have a HIP and you can't market your property without one.

    The HIP lets buyers see important information about the property at the start of the process, free of charge. This means there is less chance of buyers becoming aware of any surprises at the end of the process. The HIP can help reduce delays and extra expense to the buyer and seller.
    What does a HIP contain?
    See an example
    Sample Home Information Pack Opens new window The HIP is made up of required (compulsory) and authorised (optional) items.

    There shouldn't be any marketing or advertising material in the pack, so make sure it contains official information only.

    Listed below are all the compulsory documents that need to be included.
    Compulsory documents
    The following documents must be included in your HIP:

    Freehold properties
    Home Information Pack Index

    the new Property Information Questionnaire (PIQ), from 6 April 2009

    Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) or Predicted Energy Assessment (PEA)

    sustainability information (required for newly built homes)

    sale statement

    evidence of title

    standard searches (local authority and drainage and water)

    Leasehold properties
    all the compulsory documents above
    a copy of the lease
    For more detail on these documents follow the links below.

    HIPs: compulsory items HIPs: leasehold and commonhold properties Optional documents
    Other documents can be included within your HIP, but these are optional. If they are included, it could help to speed up the sale and ensure that the process goes more smoothly. These include:

    Home Condition Report
    legal summary
    home use/contents form
    other documents like specialist searches (for example, the seller may choose to include a mining search in a mining area)

    For more information follow the link below.

    HIPs: optional items Buyers
    From 6 April 2009, the HIP must be available on the first day a property is marketed for sale. If you are buying a property, just ask whoever is advertising it for sale for a copy of the Home Information Pack. This is usually an estate agent, but could be another business or individual.

    They must give you a copy of the pack free of charge. However, they may make a reasonable charge to cover the costs of copying and posting it.

    For a step by step guide to HIPs, read 'HIPs: a buyer's guide'.

    HIPs: a buyer's guide Sellers
    From 6 April 2009, the 'responsible person' (in most cases, the estate agent) will not be allowed to market your property unless the HIP is available. You'll need to make arrangements to have a HIP compiled (including paying for it) along with other preparations for selling your home. However, if there's a delay in getting certain documents, like the local searches, these can be added after your house is put on the market.

    Who compiles the HIP?
    You can compile it yourself or you can hire an estate agent, solicitor or HIP provider to do it for you. Always make sure that your HIP provider is signed up to a code of practice, like the HIP Code.

    The HIP Code and the Search Code Who pays for the HIP?
    The seller is responsible for the cost of a HIP. The cost can vary so make sure you shop around. Some providers may offer HIPs that you can pay for at a later date but you should always check the terms and conditions of your contract.

    For a more detailed guide, read 'HIPs: a seller's guide' and 'HIPs: more information for sellers'.

    HIPs: a seller's guide HIPs: more information for sellers What will a pack look like?
    There isn't a standard 'look' for a Home Information Pack. However, it must include all of the compulsory ('required') items. Certain important documents must be no more than three months old when the property was first marketed for sale

    Cheers rep left for your effort!

    Original Poster

    Wow Wickedteen cheers, we are not far away , could you pm me please if he does deal with the public please?

    woops just figured out how to pm you , thanks

    Thought the goverment had scrapped this.

    Personally I thought all you need is the property register and titleplan to your property, depending on the reasoning why.

    What information do they think you need?

    We are just in the middle of buying a house. The estate agent provided the Hip free of charge. The seller has to provide the him its their responsibility. The buyer does not pay!
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