Hisense NU8700 Issues

Found 1st Oct 2017

Last week purchased a Hisense NU8700 and it was absolutely brilliant, from the get go the picture was draw dropping, then after a few days use the picture seemed to develop what looks like a combination of noise and grain on whatever gets put into this, both Xbox one S, youview box, chromecast and the built in Netflix show a ever so slightly grainy image, its as if the upscaling has permanently failed, also movements and other features show lots of artefacts.

I have tried changing sources, borrowed an Ultra 4K movie and it still appears, the same for Blu Ray discs. Its very noticeable up close, but at normal sitting distance 6 - 8 feet it is still easily noticeable.

Purchased from AO.com as the price was decent and the delivery time, slightly regretting it now, as usually purchase from John Lewis, as their returns are excellent, where as AO's returns are slightly mis leading from the Titles on their website.

Hisense are meant to be calling me Monday, I'm just concerned that they will say nothing is wrong, when I clearly know that it is, as the picture was amazing. I have also reset all of the picture settings, tried the various modes and put sharpness down to 0 etc but to no avail.

Any help or advice from past experiences would be appreciated.

One more thing to note is that there is a load of stick residue (like when you take a sticker off thats been on for ages) that was left when peeling off the front film that runs along the bottom bar, annoying when you've spent over £1000.

I'm starting to regret moving from Sony now :(.
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