Hisense TV Setup

Posted 13th Feb
I have a Hisense TV which is connected to a Yamaha AV Receiver.

All works great with the exception that it seems to lose its settings whenever I turn the TV off so every startup I have to go into HDMI Functions and set the Audio Receiver to on so that the sound comes from the surround sound and not the TV.

Does anyone else have a similar setup and is there something I’m missing to get this to work or is it just the way it is ?
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My new Hisense would not work at all over arc with my Samsung home theatre. I had to set it to spif (optical) but then the remote doesn’t control the volume. Somehow, I’ve just had sky installed, the engineer found a way to get it to work where I can control the volume with the sky remote (it’s still not arc as the tv remote doesn’t)
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Is it just that particular setting that changes? of not and more items are affected the TV might be in store/shop demo mode.
Yeah just that setting. If I set it to on everything then works as it should, remote controls the volume etc. It’s just a pain having to set it on every time I start up
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