hisense. whats the difference between the m3300 and the m6600

    Have found these two TVs with about a £45 difference between the two at Argos. The m6600 is the newer model so expect it to be better, but other than the curve screen what differences are there? I mainly use the tv for playing Xbox and watching sport.


    maybe wrong but doesn't the 66 have a faster processor for upscaling. Given the insignificant price difference I'd definitely go for the 66.
    But...... have you seen them in action? I have have the 50" 33 which is great on HD sources but fast moving SD sources have very noticeable motion blur. If I'd paid more than the £250 I did then it would have gone back because of this

    The M6600 is the same age as the M3300, not a newer model. I don't think Hisense have launched their European 2017 models yet. It is higher in the range though.

    I'd imagine it upgrades the HDR support from sod all on the M3300 to a small amount and adds various improvements like better picture processing and a higher quality panel. And of course it adds a curve.

    As Japes says, I'd also be inclined to go for the M6600 for such a small price difference, the higher end Hisense models definitely make more sense for a main TV.

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