History Book reccomendations

    I wouldnt mind starting doing some reading about history, quite interested in the Roman Empire but have some bits in mind for that.

    Is there anything that offers a wide history of everything, as in, from Egyptian/Roman Times for example through to World War Two and later?

    Liks something offering the main keypoints without going into too much detail so I can then choose which I would like to read further into...



    Not exactly what you're asking for I suppose but my OH loves the books by Conn Iggueldon and David Gemmell, although some of it is fantasy, Conn especially spends years researching the history behind the period he's documenting. They're almost completely historically accurate.

    the islam holy book has a lot of history in it that are 100% factual. try that.

    The Times do a good world history book, and no bigotry in sight.

    I saw a huge thick hardback book in WH Smith (I think there may have been 2 different ones), they were supposedly reduced from £60 to £15, looked really good
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