History Quiz... With a difference!!

    What is the connection between the following dates...........



    All had exactly 365 days

    Something to do with the deaths of royalty on these days.

    ?????? dunno....what????????

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    Nope on both accts ... (apart from 365days, but not the answer i'm looking for)


    ?????? dunno....what????????

    cant give up that easily!.. Rep for the first one to guess correctly. I swear you'll be using this one for future quizzes!

    go on.....

    can't keep us hanging... i hope this is good otherwise I have just wasted 30 seconds of my life writing this message...

    lol is this somethin obscure like evolution or alignment of planets/stars....:-D

    The last 4 times tottenham won the league.: :w00t:

    sorry couldnt resist

    I think its something to do with battles now, Battle of Osaka, 1615 battle of quebec 1759

    Countries winning their Independence??? Japan, Canada, Greece and ....Paraguay???

    prime numbers?

    no christmas day?

    star of Bethlem appeared?

    They were all followed by leap years


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    not one you have it yet........... nowhere close! .. you'll all die of thirst before someone gives me a correct answer :whistling:

    dates that beers were developt

    Years that certain places were discovered.

    Something to do with boats...

    well i got newcastle brown 1927,gunness 1759, so am i right with beers ?.

    just tell us pwease :-(

    Yeh, I just found guinness 1759 and now grolsch 1615

    Alcoholics Anonymous established 1935, lol, im gonna have a 1664!!!

    also Grolsch 1615

    wars all started/ ended on these dates

    Unless what they all have in common is that they have nothing in common

    bella you on wiki same as me

    Original Poster


    ]1615]1759]1927erm......and in ]1935 beer got canned?

    3 correct, last one not!! 1935 was Mangers! :thumbsup: - Connection was the 1st year alcohol was was brewed :thumbsup:
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