Hit pot hole and burst tyre: Can I claim from council & how?

Found 15th Mar 2010
I hit a few potholes and one burst my passenger side front tyre. This happened at about 21:50pm tonight. Ive heard of people claiming from the council but I'm unsure of how it works.

The pot holes came out of nowhere, I wasnt expecting them. On the road it happened on there is usually potholes at the top of the road, not at the bottom where I got caught whilst going between 15-20 mph. First my drivers side hit a pot hole hard and I thought "what the hell?" then straight after my passenger side hit another pot hole. As I drive on I could hear a hissing sound everytime my wheel spun, before I got home I was driving with a flat tyre.

The road it happened on is in Haringey and always has potholes, theres road works going on around that road, or should I say where the pot holes usually are at the top end.

I never had a camera with me, do you think I should go back now and take pictures or do you think it will be okay to leave it until tomorrow?

any advice appreciated

any advice appreciated
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pics with a ruler/tapemeasure and your car tyre in the pot hole, best with a backdrop to prove pot hole location.
I did this last year and didnt think of doing this
but wouldnt they say your puncture was from where else. how can you prove its the exact pot hole
[COLOR=red]The pot holes came out of nowhere,[/COLOR]
you are not serious? claiming cause u hit a pothole? oh noes

you are not serious? claiming cause u hit a pothole? oh noes

quite right i would too how can you see a pothole in the dark? and when watching the road you cant tell whether pothole is 1 inch deep or 1 meter deep

you are not serious? claiming cause u hit a pothole? oh noes

i would!
sorry to say its highly unlikely you will be able to claim on this.
I would try and claim as well, am ******* sick of them I can't escape them on the school run every day. They even had the cheek to paint 20mph speed limit signs on the road last week, how they found a patch of road smooth enough to do it is beyond me.:thumbsup:
My coil spring broke due to a pot hole. And prob cos the fact i was driving along and didnt notice it. Didnt realise til i got home. Never thought about claiming.
The harsh winter, aka snow fall caused the potholes to get bigger. ( funny i know but its true) It lifted the gravel etc which is why you probably notice yellow marking around the holes in your areas? They have to be a certain depth before they are deemed as likely to cause damage or problems.

we got potholes here the size of craters, it does my head in.
2 tyres for a Porsche Boxster @ £161 each. Got a claim form but it is written in such an intimidating way that you are made to feel like a criminal if you claim. Why should you have an extra expense through no fault of your own. Eastbourne roads currently look like they have been shelled in an air raid.

you are not serious? claiming cause u hit a pothole? oh noes

What do you think you pay for your road tax for? Emissions only.

My dad made a claim and got the money for a new tyre. He took pictures and showed invoice for new tyre. 18" low profiles, so he was not happy at the time
any more info on this... pass experinces maybe?

i think everyone is tired of pot holes but too lazy to do anything about it but complain amonst each other
Just a note - if anyone happens to be driving through Tunbridge Wells or South Tonbridge, expect conditions similar to driving on the moon. No joke. Think they're doing a lot of resurfacing right now as this winter absolutely obliterated our roads!

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