Hitachi 42PD9700

Found 17th Feb 2007
Hey guys, ok i've had my mind set on a plasma for awhile now, i have about £1k in the bank to spend on a TV, and i've decided it's going to be Hitachi 42PD700, i think it's great for the price but i was hoping someone could help me find the best deal for it, if it happens to have warranty or a cabinet even brilliant, any other plasma's at same price i would welcome to have a look at before finally parting with my money.
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What's the best price you have found so far?
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That's the best so far Emma, at first i was thinking of paying monthly interest free, any chance some store is offering that too?
An option might be to buy it at your local John Lewis. I believe they price match, and give a 5 year guarantee. I'm sure they would offer credit terms as well.

£857 here … £857 here ]http://www.digitaldirect.co.uk/products_moreinfo3/index.asp?product_id=11192 Buy now pay november available if it helps

£927 with delivery...
I bought this tv from John Lewis doing a price match. However it appears to be OOS at JL currently.

Great tv, very happy with it. Went for this over the PX60 as I feel it looks nicer and the speakers are better.

I paid £1500 for it only a few months ago, sickening.:x

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