hitachi drive swap 360? swap a 47dj for any other hitachi

    I have a 360 where the dvd won't spin, so the motor probable has gone, anyway can i take the board off this one and put it on to any other hitachi or does it have to be a 47dj

    or any other suggestions welcome

    not looking to falsify RRoD



    I think there is a way to spoof the drive, best to get an older drive anyway for ease of flashing

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    yeah but can I get any hitachi, without spoofing and just swap the circuit/mother boards over

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    I've bought a hitachi 47dj from hong kong, just waiting for it to arrive now, I'm not going to bother trying to swap the pcb, instead I feel like I want to swap the keys, or atleast insert the key from the old drive on to the new one.

    Curious of how I would go about this, I currently use 360 firmware toolbox v4.6 to flash hitachi's

    heres what i think i may have to do, please correct me if i'm wrong

    1. Retrieve the key from old drive, via classic dump (47dj, only 78's can be done by raw dump)
    2. Copy the Key and save it to PC.
    might have to restart pc at this point to swap the ol drive for the new one
    3. Retrieve the key from new drive, via classic dump (if new drives have keys), then paste the key from the old drive, then hit replace key button.

    is this about right?
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