Hitachi HDC-1087E help?

    I am looking to get a decent camera and came across this on the Argos website, does anyone have one of these or know where there are any reviews on it? I have seen the ones on the argos website but i would perhaps like to see test shots to view quality etc. Any advice appreciated.



    When I bought my last camera Hitachi was one I looked at, but after reading reviews it seemed to be the consensus that Hitachi was a brand to avoid as they are not the best and dont actually make cameras themselves but rebrand cheaper chinese makes, there where one or two links I found at the time linking to identical models with a different badge for half the price.

    Things may have changed over the last year though.

    Over 8MP unless you buy high end gear the chances are that the lens doesnt capture the full benefit of the higher MP count.

    For the same price you can pick up a fuji s5800 though which is a camera that comes highly rated, not nearly has compact with with a better optical zoom (10x I think) ignore the digital zoom rating on any camera look just at the optical side, digital zoom is something they use to sell to the misinformed, it looks good on paper until that paper becomes photo paper and it kills a good photo.

    Edit: Just checked and the S5800 the model up is only ]£84.99 delivered at amazon, see the threads ]here for the s5800 as people who have one mention how good they are, or ]here for the s5700.

    Hope this helps

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    Many many thanks for that, i did wonder why the Hitachi website seemed to show all of their products except the cameras! when i googled their cameras argos seems to be one of a very limited number of sellers and the other website which i cant remember had several Hitatchi cameras all stated as "discontinued"!

    Thanks for the info, off to look at the S5800

    p.s repped accordingly!
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