Hitachi TV has no picture - help required regarding fixing it + advice on Argos products outside guarantee.

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Posted 10th Oct 2015
Hoping I can get some advice regarding an issue I have with a TV less than 18 months old.

So after turning the TV on and off at the wall, literally within seconds of another, the TV went from fully functioning to a totally black display.

I know the issue is a backlight failure.
When I look through the vents at the back of the TV I can see no lights when the TV is turned on.
However when I press menu on my remote and shine a torch into the screen I can see the menu options on screen.

So the image is being displayed ok but the backlight is obviously bust.

This has happened on a Hitachi 40" TV. It is a side lit LED TV. I would be happy to change the driver myself if I can source one on the Internet but I thought I could get a few questioned answered here first.

Is changing a side lit driver harder than a normal inverter style board?

Is it worth the value and hassle? Would anyone know roughly how much a replacement part could cost?

Is the part needed specifically for this TV or could this part function in a number if models out there?

Also, has anyone any experience pushing Argos on a product beyond its 12 month warranty?

I know I'm unfortunate and ultimately Argos has no duty to help me on the issue but someone on here has bound to have gotten some acknowledgement from Argos beyond their 12 month warranty.

Any help or advice is greatly welcomed.

Thanks in advance.
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