Posted 30th Nov 2022 (Posted 6 h, 35 m ago)

Is is possible to just replace an existing programmer/thermostat with the Hive receiver on my wall then use the actual thermostat on battery power elsewhere in the house?
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    Depends on current wiring. Mine wouldn't so I rewired it direct into the boiler upstairs and have the stat downstairs.
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    yes I did that as it was easier, just Keep boiler control as always on main , then wires that went into themostat, wired the thermostat receiver in, as it was easier way to do it as thermostat wire easy to get too, then put themostat where ever you want
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    Hi, is your existing digital controller used separately for your hot water and or your central heating, if so you require a Hive dual channel receiver?.... mine is.

    The Hive receiver 'might' fit straight onto the existing controller back plate.... but you'd be best to Google and YouTube the make and model of your existing controller to check on and see more precisely where exactly the back plate wires should be... but its really best to employ the services of an electrician if this is all too confusing.

    I left my old existing thermostat on the wall in my hallway, and if you turn the wall stat up to its highest / hottest setting (and always leave it at the highest setting, it will always work)( I did it this way because I was just about to have open heart surgery and I wanted better control of my heating)... then with this 'simple way' shall I call it you don't need to touch or rearrange any of the spaghetti of wires within the central heatings control box, as an electrician would certainly be best to tackle the great number of wires in this box.

    Once I'd done this, I added the Hive app to my mobile phone, set up the receiver with my WiFi, and now I can put my battery operated Hive thermostat / controller anywhere in the house.
    Also you could telephone the Hive team as they're all so very helpful advise wise, and they'll assist with the setting up of the Hive too... but you or a competent electrician must install the receiver first.
    Good luck.
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