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Found 12th Sep 2017
hi everyone,

long story short, got the hive 1 heating system and have had nothing but problems since it was installed.

ive got the dual receiver(hot water and boiler) but ive only got a combi boiler and before I bought it clearly said the product will work with a combi boiler, and there were clear instructions on how to wire up if you had a boiler and tank system or a combi boiler only.

qualified electrician did the install, using the instruction manual. I already had a wireless Honeywell receiver system so it was a case of replacing the receiver connecting to the boiler with the Hive one and replacing the wireless thermostat.

problem ive got is when the boost function is set to off, then when I turn the temp on to a desired level, on the app or the thermostat, the receiver light for central heating comes on, but the boiler does not. so the system thinks the boilers on but its not.

messed about with the settings yesterday and it seems that the only way the boiler will kick in for the rads is when I put the boost option on to auto. when that is done, when I terun the temp to a desired level on theromostat or app the boiler comes on and the rads come on.

problem is, if I leave the boost function on the thermostat as on or auto, when the turn the desired temp of the rads back to 7, the radiators go off, then after a while randomly come on again. ive checked the app and even though it says 7 degrees, the boiler comes on and the rads are coming on.

totally confused. ive aksed the electrician to come back again and check the wiring as that's what BG have advised. happy to accept there could be a wiring issue. when I look at the display of the thermostat, there is a flame on the hot water tank picture, even though I don't have a tank so I get the picture would be there but not sure why the flame would show.

all in all, right royally confused and seriously regret getting the system. happy to accept wiring could be wrong but the electrician is a seasoned qualified electrician, and he did the install from the manual as per the instructions.

anyone got the hive system, the dual receiver but only a combi boiler? would be good to get their view on this.

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just to add, can anyone help me find how the connection should be on a dual hive receiver but with a combi boiler only.

if ive got that, which Im struggling to find, then atleast when the electrician comes again to check, then we know how it should be wired up. he did the install via the manual anyway, which clearly stated that the dual receiver can be used on the combi system. just cant find the booklet at the moment and struggling to find it online.

I'd just buy the correct thermostat and sell yours on eBay. Save you all the bother.
You can get the full set from Toolstation for £60
Then sell you old thermostat and new hub (as yours will be registered to you) on eBay. You'll easily get £30-£40 and save yourself a lot of bother.
Phone the BG Hive helpline, they are brilliant and can also log in remotely to check for issues
It's the receiver that's the issue. Not sure of that's the thing that's registered
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