Posted 22nd Jan 2023 (Posted 13 h, 53 m ago)
Hi all,

I am looking to purchase the hive system. I currently have a system boiler & expansion tank, with 3 zones (water, upstairs & downstairs).

Am I right in saying I would need to purchase the Hive Hot Water and Heating pack (this one), then an additional thermostat for the zone not covered by the base pack?

Hope that makes sense, any advice or alternative suggestions welcome.

Thank you in advance.
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    I’m looking at doing exactly the same and am looking at the same items as yourself so, yes, I think you’re correct.

    When you purchase the second thermostat it’s the thermostat and receiver pack (about £99)

    After that you can then decide on the trv’s but given there are 20+ radiators on my property and looking at only adding 2 or 3 initially and using these to control the radiators that I want to turn off at scheduled times.

    Hope that makes sense
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    Yes that certainly makes sense, thank you.

    Yes 16 Rads at my place, so trv’s maybe at a later date.

    Have you checked out the others such as Nest/Tado? Not sure how they would compare.

    Thanks again.
    Yeah I was torn between nest and Hive but the fact that there are no trv’s directly integrated with nest put me off nest (although functionally / aesthetically Nest did look better)

    Tado is the other runner as you say and is slightly cheaper although I did read some problems with multi zone (although I’m sure that you can read problems with them all on the internet !)

    It was just last week I started looking so will likely place the order today (edited)
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    yes that correct, also for other people if you have a hive and move to a different boiler then sell receiver pack, for example I went from combi to the old back boiler, so just needed new hot and heating receiver which there sell separate, also you can put it in gravity mode
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