HIVE Heating Thermostat Problem - brand new alkaline Ikea batteries have drained in 2 weeks

Posted 20th Jun 2018
I have been using Hive for several months. The previous set of batteries lasted for months. Maybe about a year. Earlier this month I received an email from Hive stating the batteries are low. I replaced them with fresh Ikea alkaline batteries. Now under 2 weeks later, I have received another email alert, stating the batteries are low.

As far as I am aware the Ikea alkaline batteries are rather well rated for performance. The Hive system has been fully functional; as in, the bridge, thermostat etc have been on and running correctly.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Is the Thermostat faulty?

I have used batteries out of the same Ikea pack in other devices without any performance issues.
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