Hive or Nest

    Hi Everyone
    Just wondering if anyone has recommendations for either of these systems?
    The both basically seem to do the same, but steering towards the Nest as our power is with NPower and they have discounted to £130.
    Thanking you all in anticipation.


    The nest as it learns by you and knows when you are home.

    I love my nest so easy to use


    Neither the're just fashion accessories, don't need to throw your money away on one.

    If you are already economical with how you consume energy in the home, then you probably won't save a lot by investing in one of these.

    I was going to go with nest but I didnt because it doesnt have the option to control the heating and hot water seperately. Unless the newer version now lets you do this?
    So I went with Hive 2 and love it.
    Got the dimmable bulbs pack too now.

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    I have Hive 2. Best Buy / investment ever. Absolutely recommend!!

    You can't beat switching on your heating when you get back home, doesn't take long to warm up and it's cheaper.




    Yep agree, the technology used should retail for no more than £50.

    Dan_ the 3rd generation does both hot water and heating. As for other disbelievers, I think it is great technology as you can remotely control your heating from your phone and switch it completely off when you are not at home (no point in heating an empty home right?). I haven't had mine for a full year yet but am convinced that there will be savings - just unable to quantify at this also aware of the outside temperature.

    In terms of the original question, I would recommend the Nest as the Hive needs 3 boxes (one by the router, one near the boiler and the thermostat) while the nest only needs the way I am not affiliated with nest whatsoever just a fan of the tech

    You don't heat a empty home when you're not there if you turn down the room stat before you go out. If you have a combi boiler then the hot water takes care of itself. It's just another gimmic for the tech hungry consumer imho.
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